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Heero's Diary

Heero Yuy
4 August
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This journal is a part of the Solacium RPG. dmaxwell and I are late additions. We invite you to read our journals from the beginning to understand how we fit in with the established plot.

Please do not be afraid to comment on my posts. However, until I am more familiar with you, I may not interact with you in your journal. To respect those without broadband, do not post quiz results or images in my comment threads. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted at my discretion.

If you friend me, I will friend you back. If for any reason you do not want me to list you as a friend, comment or email and I will remove you. If your journal is full of nothing but quizzes, or if you post material I find inappropriate or offensive, I reserve the right to filter you from my reading list.

The layout for this journal is original and features official artwork from Metal Gear Solid ©Konami.
The icon bases for this journal were created by ponderosa121 and feature edited official artwork from Gundam Wing ©Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, ANB.